Digitizing Construction: Introduction to Rivur

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Construction is complex, expensive and detailed. Rivur is a complete solution for managing, administering, reporting and funding your construction projects. Rivur is your partner from the first draft composition of your budget through active and ongoing monthly invoice entry and approval, to lender draw package review and funding. Rivur has a familiar and intuitive interface and workflow especially well-suited to debt-funded commercial construction.

Working in Rivur is digitizing your construction projects. Each element is functional for your organization and once entered, exists on Rivur as a digital asset that improves and enhances your business and your information assets. See everything in one place, connect all your vendors and partners, collaborate online, get real-time reporting, analytics and intelligence. Use this information to predict what, when, who, how and how much. Let us help you get this valuable information our of files and transform your inputs into effective and functional tools and applied knowledge.

Rivur is a new tool you can use now on existing projects and for you to plan and prepare for your upcoming and anticipated projects.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Budgets with infinite category nesting and customizable Account Codes and Categories to match your organization's standards (or use our templates).

  • Contracts, Change Orders, Ad-Hoc & Pending Costs - store all your files and documents, manage and track iterations and approvals, make edits and adjustments in real-time.

  • Multi-party workflows for key approvals on Budgets, Invoices and Draws. Set up your project teams (inside and outside your organization) and route work for approval and action.

  • Vendors welcome! Connect your vendors and they can enter their own invoices and kick off invoice review workflows.

  • Active Funding Compliance - Rivur tracks budget variances & changes, contract spends, terms & requirements; lien waivers, certificates of insurance, W9’s, and detailed invoice controls to validate single instances of complete payment.

  • One-click Draw/Payment App Package - configure & click. It’s that easy.

  • Robust, secure and scalable data model allows you to structure project information for use and analysis. Transform your files into useful information.

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