Rivur for Opportunity Zone Investments

Opportunity Zones are an exciting innovation generating significant investment and community impact. The tax benefits generated through Opportunity Zone investments are a tremendous incentive to invest and build in qualifying areas. This is a wonderful impetus for development, renovation and re-position of operating property.

There are four requirements for a “Qualified Opportunity Zone Business Property”:

  1. The property must be located in a designated Opportunity Zone;

  2. The property must be tangible property used in a trade or business;

  3. The property must be acquired by purchase for cash after December 31, 2017; and

  4. The property must be either (a) new construction that is not put into use until after the purchase of the property; or (b) “substantially improved” after purchase of the property, which requires that the costs of constructing, renovating or expanding the property during any 30-month period beginning after the date of the acquisition of the property must exceed 100% of the adjusted basis of the property at the start of the 30-month period.

Rivur is a perfect match for real estate investors, lenders and developers making Opportunity Zone investments.

On Rivur you can structure your project and budget, manage your contracts and vendors, track your invoices and investments by source and type. By using Rivur, all your records, data, documents and deliverables are in one system. Rivur is the single best way to run these projects and processes efficiently and delivers real-time visibility and transparency to partners, investors and auditors.

For funds, lenders, and investors making many investments in Opportunity Zones. Rivur has portfolio-level aggregation and reporting so you can easily roll your data and deliverables up to a consolidated level. Rivur will give you the data to ensure compliance with the applicable rules and regulations, and will reduce your administration and project accounting costs and troubles as you complete development.

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