Predictive Analytics on Rivur

Here at Rivur, we are laser focused on delivering a complete, intuitive, and efficient solution to managing your construction projects online.

We predict exciting things are happening: we have a BIG vision for predictive project information, what it is, means, and creates. If you are managing your projects in Excel, wake up! This information must be liberated from those files, freed to come alive and become part of the applied knowledge you use every day. That data is an information asset with real world value. The ability to predict is a consequence of effectively structuring and leveraging the work you have done and the projects you have delivered. Rivur consumes those old files and replaces them, saving you time, money, problems and giving you flexibility, intelligence and value. Each interaction on Rivur is not merely a thing done well and done once, it is 'intelligence fuel’ for expectations and insights. We turn what you have done into what you can expect.

Let me explain: We have projects and their attributes, we have detailed budgets, we have vendors with their contracts and actual invoices. We track interactions, effort, approvals. We analyze everything. For example, we know how much has been spent and is remaining to be spent by project location, type and size. We know how many vendors projects have in detail and on average. We know which contracts have the most number of change orders and in what amounts. We know when invoicing begins by category and for how long those spends last. We know how many times a budget is changed and the variances between every iteration. We know how to make sense of non-standardized budget line item names and relate them to a common classification of costs. These are all natural and ubiquitous analytics simply because of the work you do in Rivur right out of the box.

Why is this so interesting? We are actively layering intelligence from prior projects and experiences into current projects in a relevant and meaningful way. This means prediction of things like: # periods total and remaining for a given budget line item, % chance over/under budget, average cost per unit/key/bed/SF for same & similar budget line items and variance to your project, AND MORE. This information provides context and is a wonderful intelligence resource. We’re looking for YOU as our partner in making meaningful predictions.

Bottom Line: We have created a reliable and useful structure and predictive analytics for construction project information. This is useful for owners, construction managers, asset managers, lenders and investors. On Rivur you become a learning organization with each interaction. By taking the small steps for granted and efficiently working and collaborating in Rivur, you are creating big value and potential.

I’m here to help. Contact Us and I’ll get your budget loaded and you logged in and live.