Rivur is a Solution


Here at Rivur, we’re product innovators solving for the pains we experienced as commercial real estate professionals. Traditionally, we demonstrate and message Rivur in the context of what it is and does. Now that we are growing and selling, engaging with customers requires us to put more emphasis on what problems we solve, not the features and attributes of our product. That is a smart and effective maturing of our engagement process.

The great thing about what we have created in Rivur is that we have built a complete solution first for a focused niche (i.e. debt-funded hospitality construction) and are expanding and enhancing the product and our message to completely address problems in other categories (i.e. budget-based construction where periodic payment applications and “draws” are required).

Rivur is the complete, intuitive, and efficient solution to managing your construction projects online.

Problems Rivur Solves:

  • Draws are a pain

  • Not enough staff/resources (to administer and validate project and draw information and activity)

  • Project information is all over the place

  • I don’t have all the information I need when I need it

  • I don’t trust that what I’m getting is correct

  • Submitting draw packages & paying on time is very important

Rivur allows you to:

  • Meet complex compliance needs

  • Keep your information secure

  • Keep all team members, partners and workers connected

  • One-click draw reporting

  • Streamline workflows for approvals and changes

  • Access latest, best & valid information all the time in real time

If any of this sounds familiar, we can help and help immediately and set your project and budget up for you same day.

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