Now is the time to make your construction information useful

It’s now o’clock somewhere

It’s now o’clock somewhere

It doesn’t have to be like the first time every time, but the first step is the hardest.

If you are doing and have done real estate development, I’m certain you have accumulated a huge amount of information. But is it useful? Spreadsheets, reports and files are not an information system. They do not scale well or effectively. Here at Rivur, we’re committed to solving for your immediate pains (see below) and we’ve got a vision for the future. Our vision is that by managing your project information in Rivur, you are creating a powerful information resource so you can apply your prior experiences and information to your current needs and projects.

How much should things cost? How long should things take? Didn’t we work with this vendor before? When? About how much should a project like this in this location cost? What was that project that was like this one? How much did we spend on marketing? And more…

The point here is that as you structure project information in a system you can use it and re-use it. Rivur takes data, makes it information, then makes it knowledge you can share and apply throughout your organization.

These days, it is hard to argue with the power of information and the barrier to entry is simply starting. Develop a vision, make a plan, execute. Let me help you. I’ll set up your projects, budgets, vendors and invoices on Rivur and deliver immediate insights.

Rivur is an immediate solution for:

  • Make draws easy & fast

  • Quickly & effectively share budgets and reports with capital partners

  • Have vendors manage their own data entry

  • Draw/funding compliance in real time

  • Online access and complete change history

  • Real-time changes and approval requests and workflows

  • Detailed reporting for costs, timing and remaining capital needs

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