New Tools for CRE Development


I'm Max Ellerhorst, co-founder of Rivur is the complete, intuitive, and efficient solution to managing your construction projects online.

We're doing something really cool. I know that we can help. I hope we can help you.

Rivur Overview:

  • Projects & Portfolios - set up and structure your projects

  • File & Documents - everything in one place

  • Online Budget - drafting, editing and approvals with all changes tracked

  • Connected Vendors - Vendor profiles, connectivity, documents and payment information

  • Workflows - configurable, multi-party & multi-organization approval workflows for budgets, invoices and draws

  • Contracts, Change Orders & Anticipated Costs - track everything and keep it all tied to the correct budget lines, vendors and invoices

  • Invoices - load invoices, tie to contracts and budget, track payment status and references

  • Data, Reports & Information - rich reporting and detailed data available for use, analysis and integrations

  • One-Click Draw Reporting - full package including reports, cover page, and invoice backup generated instantly at the push of a button

It is easy to try. I'll load your first project and budget and have you on the platform in less than 24 hours. Once we know we can help you our billing is a simple fixed amount billed per active project monthly.

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