What types of projects can I put on Rivur?


Rivur is the complete, intuitive, and efficient solution to managing your construction projects online.

We’re a company with a vision. Simple things done well and done once (“STDW1”). Rivur is the culmination of decades of experience doing difficult work while bemoaning the lack of effective tools and techniques. Through the frustration of “why does it have to be this way?” Rivur was born.

As a startup, we’re fighting to achieve our vision, communicate it and connect with our customers. To date we’ve committed to validating our initial niche which is debt-funded hospitality development; ground-up as well as significant re-purpose, reposition, and remodel. With almost $1 billion of projects on Rivur and over 1,500 draws completed we’ve demonstrated for our key initial clients and advocates that Rivur is absolutely essential, delivers real value and ROI, creates one-click “draw” deliverables, datasets and reporting in real time, and facilitates an efficient and completely seamless multi-organization working process. We bring people together and complete complex, data-heavy work.

Now, leveraging our initial successes we’ve turned a corner and are broadening our horizons. Rivur effectively handles every budget-oriented construction project from residential renovations through infrastructure and energy development. I’d love to load a project for you and not only tell you, but show you what your work will look like on Rivur.

Here’s why:

  • Do your work online - work from where you are by increment, not by file

  • Save as you go - every time you touch the system, you’ve made progress and can’t lose it

  • Connect your collaborators - give permission for vendors, service providers and partners to staff the data entry and use information

  • Make changes in real time - think something, see something, do something and do it right now

  • Always have the latest version - and know who did what, when, and what the consequences are

  • Never lose an important document or file - W9, COI, Contract, Invoice, Draw Reports, & more only and always a click away

  • All your projects in one place - projects, portfolios, reporting, data, documentation, analytics; all of the above all the time

  • Every penny counts - extremely detailed inputs, controls and tracking

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